Taylor Weidman

Taylor Weidman


Taylor Weidman

Taylor Weidman is a photojournalist and educator who has worked in over 40 countries over the past decade. During that time, he founded a global non-profit, authored and designed 3 coffee table books on indigenous issues, worked as a media consultant for the United Nations, received both Fulbright and Pulitzer Center grants, and photographed numerous stories for outlets including National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, GEO, Nature, and others.

Taylor has degrees in photojournalism (M.A., Syracuse University) and Economics (B.A., UVa), and is a US-licensed teacher in both Photography and Social Studies. He has worked as an educator in a number of international schools as a teacher, visiting lecturer, and artist in residence. He is currently based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


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Growing Up and Growing Old in Georgia’s Abandoned Sanatoriums / Al Jazeera English / September, 2019

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How Mongolia Conquered Japanese Sumo / Wall Street Journal / November, 2016

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HeroRats Detect Mines and Save Lives in Cambodia / Getty Images / July, 2015

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Indigenous Groups Struggle in Shadow of Brazil’s Megadams / BusinessWeek / February, 2014

Moken Sea Nomads / Yahoo! News / October, 2013

Mongolia: Nomads No More / Boston Globe / April, 2012



The Winemakers Upending 8,000 Years of Tradition / BBC / August, 2019

The Kazakh Teen Keeping People Safe / BBC / March, 2018

Mongolian Reindeer Herders Fight to Protect Way of Life / BBC / March, 2017